I Bet My Friends $100,000 I Could Beat Them In Mario Kart


HI SISTERS! I bet my friends $100K that I could beat them in Mario Kart so we filmed a gaming competition! The races were absolutely insane. Watch to find out who ends up taking home the first place prize. Enjoy!
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EDITOR: Ryan Allen
GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov


  • Ana Cruz
    Ana Cruz12 menit yang lalu

    please the way james kicked larry

  • Ella Ingeniero
    Ella IngenieroJam Yang lalu

    Love ya james and keep safe and positive "Look at the positive side and not the negative😊😘❤

  • Sadie Clarke
    Sadie ClarkeJam Yang lalu

    Hey james! I was wondering if you could post a beginners tutorial video on a a few simple makeup looks with good cheap products? I don’t have a lot of money and I’m not great at makeup but really want to be able to get glammed some mornings!

  • Samulion śliz
    Samulion śliz2 jam yang lalu

    I'm from polend

  • Shaikha Almentheri
    Shaikha Almentheri3 jam yang lalu

    Jamessss for your next video try playing Roblox James Charles obby ITS AMAZING AND HILARIOUS 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Just Some Natsu Without A Mustache
    Just Some Natsu Without A Mustache4 jam yang lalu


  • Bub Zilla
    Bub Zilla5 jam yang lalu

    Youll need that for your lawyer 🤣

  • Nia Simpson
    Nia Simpson5 jam yang lalu

    You should start a gaming channel

  • TalonsCrush
    TalonsCrush7 jam yang lalu

    shayyy lezzshhh

  • Amin shidiyev
    Amin shidiyev7 jam yang lalu

    Is James a boy or a girl

  • Utterly Brooke
    Utterly Brooke11 jam yang lalu

    11:41 Snow White looking a- 🗿✨ (Not hate)

  • nick miller
    nick miller12 jam yang lalu

    i can bet you

  • Asia Sumra
    Asia Sumra13 jam yang lalu

    lol james lost 200,000 subs lmao he deserves way more than that

  • popularkaio 1908

    popularkaio 1908

    5 jam yang lalu

    He lost WAY more than 200,000 actually

  • Marwa messaif
    Marwa messaif13 jam yang lalu

    Hi game Charles 🙄👎💔

  • Soyabi Begum
    Soyabi Begum13 jam yang lalu

    R u now mr beast-

  • Morgan Mairaj
    Morgan Mairaj15 jam yang lalu

    but wtf does this have to do with makeup tutorials

  • Robbie Thurs
    Robbie Thurs16 jam yang lalu

    It’s so sad my favorite Mariokart youtuber has to deal with you 😐

  • MoonshineBlack
    MoonshineBlack16 jam yang lalu

    Hi sisters, where’s your prepubescent brother?

  • Kiwani Erwin
    Kiwani Erwin16 jam yang lalu

    He hasn’t been posting in a while 😭

  • egg shell
    egg shell17 jam yang lalu

    Holup mario be sussin for baby mario. Sussy hol

  • Pascal Hijlkema
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  • royboysunny
    royboysunny18 jam yang lalu

    Lol he hasn’t posted in 2 weeks

  • Ayah_Adventures zZzZzZzZz
    Ayah_Adventures zZzZzZzZz18 jam yang lalu

    I can beat you no cap so we don’t even need to race so I need my money ;))

  • Ody Moreira
    Ody Moreira19 jam yang lalu

    i love your videos

  • Ody Moreira
    Ody Moreira19 jam yang lalu

    why no more vids?

  • Jane Sornson

    Jane Sornson

    13 jam yang lalu

    Because he’s taking a break because of what happened if you watched his newest vid

  • Vito Tea
    Vito Tea19 jam yang lalu

    10 times James..10 TIMES 😬

  • Miranda Gaskins
    Miranda Gaskins21 jam yang lalu

    In your next video btw you are my favorite youtuber

  • Miranda Gaskins
    Miranda Gaskins21 jam yang lalu

    Hey i no its asking a lot but i no your really bust but i was wanting to no if i can get a shout out it will mean so much to me im a big fan your awesome 😊

  • Dameion White
    Dameion White21 jam yang lalu

    Your not mrbest

  • Dalia Imagination
    Dalia Imagination22 jam yang lalu

    can i have my money pls

  • Antonino Jr Renda
    Antonino Jr Renda22 jam yang lalu


  • SoulOfJun
    SoulOfJun22 jam yang lalu

    Didn’t he have 26M subs before..?

  • sophia_diamondx
    sophia_diamondxHari Yang lalu

    His 100k aint gonna pay for what HE did Oh my 2021: hi sisters 2022: hi cellmates

    MEME CRAFTHari Yang lalu

    U cus

  • Susie Forest
    Susie ForestHari Yang lalu

    Random guy: how many siblings you have ?? James: oh not a lot only a brother and 3.5 millions sisters

  • rease
    reaseHari Yang lalu

    im only watching this for his friends

  • Francis Grava
    Francis GravaHari Yang lalu

    Am I the only one who whats a newJames Charles video??

  • Kayler Steenkamp
    Kayler SteenkampHari Yang lalu

    HE WAS 15 :)

  • Zed Clan
    Zed ClanHari Yang lalu

    Love the new house hope you have air conditioning Hell is hot 📛💯

  • Merchant
    MerchantHari Yang lalu

    Disgrace to humanity

  • soft muew
    soft muewHari Yang lalu

    Can we get a six besties video collab

  • Turei Kire
    Turei KireHari Yang lalu

    That money couldve went towards health care, Education resources, scholarships etc but no they spend it on each other playing games 🙃

  • Claire Taylor
    Claire TaylorHari Yang lalu

    You post this on my birthday!

  • Lil Hyphy
    Lil HyphyHari Yang lalu

    Your going down boy

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  • Sam's Signature Series
    Sam's Signature SeriesHari Yang lalu

    "You're weird, thats why you're single". Hmmmm

  • Julie Scott
    Julie ScottHari Yang lalu

    Can we get james charles to 27.5k subscribers?

  • Sioux D
    Sioux DHari Yang lalu

    I didn’t know James had “Roomates” 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Baddie.x. Tingzzz
    Baddie.x. TingzzzHari Yang lalu

    Dang y’all came to IDtitle to remind him what he did🥲😭😭😭

  • Anteneh Feleke
    Anteneh FelekeHari Yang lalu

    I did not like it I loved it you were like VROOOOM and like GET BACK HERE dum ****!!!!!

  • Sabin Fransis
    Sabin FransisHari Yang lalu

    2019: hey sisters 2021: hey cellmates

  • Gabby Costa
    Gabby CostaHari Yang lalu

    Love you!!!

    HUSSAIN ALIHari Yang lalu

    I love Mario kart I play it 😊

  • Kawaii_Avocado
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  • Cyne
    CyneHari Yang lalu

    The way these people speak... how? How do you put up with it?

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  • aiko reyes
    aiko reyes2 hari yang lalu

    i cuold say `hi sisters`haha

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    Irène Brie2 hari yang lalu

    James everytime he gets hit: tHaT wAs HoMoPhObIc

  • scarlet_reader_
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    Can you play granny?or slendrina?

  • Titia Nelson
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    Can yall follow my pinterest plssssssss, @ahsuideejay thx fam

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  • Mian Hsui
    Mian Hsui2 hari yang lalu

    James please, the guy is 15, just why??

  • Walker Nation
    Walker Nation2 hari yang lalu

    how many people think they can beat James: no hate to james he is the absolute best!

  • Megan Clorley
    Megan Clorley2 hari yang lalu

    I was begging u to win lol and well done sister ❤

  • Jessica Lepcha
    Jessica Lepcha2 hari yang lalu

    Please send me some money as well I'm so poor and lack family support

  • Goodbyebae Okay
    Goodbyebae Okay2 hari yang lalu

    I miss you James! Come back sister!😭🥺

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    shoe 4202 hari yang lalu

    Amogn us in real life

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    i will send you 10,000 dollars for a whiff of your sweaty feet

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    kiss me

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    2 hari yang lalu

    You're too old for James

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    I'm your biggest fan I even have your damn clothes

  • April Swatsenbarg
    April Swatsenbarg2 hari yang lalu

    Not me just not paying attention to the roomies introductions because I was looking at Trevor and smiling

  • WaveyZavey
    WaveyZavey2 hari yang lalu

    They all have smart steering on lmao

  • Tay Beats
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  • SiimplyMeghanYT
    SiimplyMeghanYT2 hari yang lalu

    James: my favorite game has to be Mario Me: *sister shock*

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    Reese Mayeux2 hari yang lalu

    uhm hey sister freckles... uhm-

  • Dalyce Uribe
    Dalyce Uribe2 hari yang lalu

    After the first incident happened i think james shouldve asked for id, birthcertificate, social security and everything else. IM just saying..

  • Ari Boo
    Ari Boo2 hari yang lalu

    Hi james I was wondering if you could try a brand called mary kay for makeup :> my mom works for mary kay soo yea thanks!!!!!

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    Wow you're doing fine....

  • Joi Kinser
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    Can you play fnaf or have you played fnaf/five nights at Freddy's???

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    hey james sister can u do a video on doing makeup with paint brushes?? I've always wanted u to do that

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    I laughed for how cringe this is

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    Yea james i think u needed to keep that 100k u will need it for bail right?

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    Qué onda alguien habla español what's up, someone speaks spanish

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    James charles are you a girl or a boy.

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    Rafael Alejandro Baltodano Bolivar2 hari yang lalu

    James, For your Venezuelan followers you would make a makeup of our country Venezuela please I beg you

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    Hi sister,do you remember me🤕?? We met in tiya🤭

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    i fell so bad for trevor